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Hello World of Tumblr. My name is Echo. :] I am 22 years old. Born 2/19/90. Pisces, with Scorpio Rising, and Sagittarius moon. Get to know me through my blogs. I'm a peculiar individual, with a lot to offer. I believe in the Universal way of things, energy, and vibes. So if you're a mean person you might as well get off my page now. However, with that being said, I do have a very crude sense of humor. I love reading, song writing, romance, coffee, sweets, and the sound of rain. And of course, the lovely Miss Ari Doll. <3>


I don’t care how hot you are, if your personality is shit your physical appearance automatically means nothing



  1. I want this story to be written
  2. I don’t want this story to be written by anyone but me
  3. I don’t want to write this story


how to draw

  • what the fuck